The Field School

Tuition and Financial Aid

In order to make tuition a feasible sacrifice for any income bracket, The Field School uses a sliding scale model of tuition, where the amount each family pays is determined by a number of factors including family income, household size, and number of children attending the school.

Tuition and Financial Aid

We know that paying for a high quality private education is a difficult sacrifice for most families. The Field School offers a sliding tuition scale to make tuition affordable for all families regardless of income. Tuition is calculated based on a number of factors including a family's Total Family Income (includes taxable and nontaxable income) and the number of children attending the school. Many families assume their income is too high and that they will not qualify for any financial assistance, but over 95% of families receive discounted tuition (even before the multiple child discount is factored in).

The Field School tuition ranges from $1,163 to $19,800 per student. The average tuition paid per student is $6,534 a year.

Discount for Multiple Children

The Field School offers a generous discount for families that send multiple children to the school. Multiple child discounts are calculated by taking 20% off the total family tuition amount for two students, 25% off for three students, 30% off for four or more students.

Financial assistance is awarded and determined through The Field School application process. For more information about tuition and financial aid, please contact

Tuition Estimate Calculator

Input your number of dependants and Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) from your latest tax filing as well as the number of children attending The Field School to get an estimate of what your yearly tuition might be. Note that this calculation is just an estimate and final tuition determinations are made during the application process.