The Field School

Tuition and Financial Aid

In order to make tuition a feasible sacrifice for any income bracket, The Field School uses a sliding scale model of tuition, where the amount each family pays is determined by a number of factors including family income, household size, and number of children attending the school.

Tuition and Financial Aid

The average family at The Field School pays around $5,000 per student per year, with some paying as little as $800 and some paying as much as $14,000 including discounts for multiple children attending. Multiple children discounts are calculated by taking 20% off the total tuition amount for two students, 30% off for three students, 40% off for four or more students.

While every family pays something, we do our best to ensure that tuition is reasonable for all and rely on generous partners to fill the gap. Full tuition without financial aid is $17,687.

Financial assistance will be awarded by The Field School if family need is demonstrated through the application process. For more information about tuition and financial aid, please contact