The Field School

School Profile

Founded in 2017, The Field School currently serves 225 students from Pre-K through 8th grade. At full capacity, we will serve 360 students with two classes of each grade. Intentionally located on the West Side of Chicago, The Field School brings to the front of the line children who would not otherwise have access to strong education options. We believe that full expression of the kingdom of God depends on rich and diverse community. The heart of Christ compels a kind of solidarity, fellowship, and mutual care that transcends societal barriers.

Our Home on the West Side

Following five years of renting space, The Field School opened its permanent location in the Austin neighborhood on the West Side of Chicago in the fall of 2022. This transition was a testimony to God’s faithfulness, fulfilling the initial vision of the school’s founding board members prior to its launch.

The Field School was conceived of in 2015 as a classical, Christian school to serve students from all over Chicago, with particular attention to children from lower income homes. A location on the West Side gives “home field advantage” to students who too often must leave their neighborhoods to access educational opportunity.

The Field School embodies the conviction that we all belong to one another. This is the kind of mutuality our city and country need to promote the material and spiritual wellbeing of all people.
Gregory and Jeanette Lee, Field School parents

Our Story

In the fall of 2015, a small group of educators, parents, and families began dreaming of a diverse, classical Christian school somewhere west of downtown Chicago. As word spread of a proposed gathering to discuss this possibility, the meeting grew as it took on a life of its own. Several people ended up calling in to avoid overwhelming the host’s living room. 

Two years later, The Field School opened its doors to 45 students.


The Field School opens its doors in a rented location at Calvary Memorial Church. We welcome 45 students from Pre-K through 1st Grade, animated by the dream of providing exceptional education to children of all backgrounds in the name of Jesus. Our charter states that half our seats will always be reserved for children from low-income homes.

Just a few months after opening, The Field School learns about the upcoming auction of Key Elementary school, a vacant and boarded up elementary school campus in the Austin neighborhood of Chicago. In faith, the Board votes to submit a bid on the campus.


The Field School's bid is accepted with one condition: We must rehabilitate at least one of the two buildings in the next few years, or the whole campus will be forfeited back to the city. Renovation of the north building alone would cost an estimated $3.7M.

The Field School grows to 77 students, with two and half times more applications than available seats.


The Field School opens an additional Pre-K class and grows to 121 students. Applications are three times greater than our seat availability.

Phase 1 of the campaign to renovate the north building of the Austin campus begins.


Field School families and friends give generously and commit $1.9M for the Austin campus north building. Learning of a New Market Tax Credit opportunity that would provide $1.5M to complete building campaign, the community rallies to give an additional $1.1M in six weeks, securing the match!


The Field School grows to serve more than 200 students from Pre-K through 8th grade. Renovation of the Austin campus north building begins.


The Field School moves to our permanent location in the Austin neighborhood!