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Illinois Invest in Kids Scholarship Program

Multiply Your Impact

Gifts made through the Illinois Invest in Kids program allow donors to receive a state tax credit valued at 75% of the total donation. In other words, when you make a gift through Illinois Invest in Kids, you have the opportunity to eliminate your Illinois state tax liability and quadruple your impact at The Field School.

Giving through Illinois Invest in Kids

Donations are given through the Bright Promise Fund, a Scholarship Granting Organization (SGO), which in turn provides scholarships for eligible students to attend qualified, non-public schools like The Field School.

The table below illustrates your potential tax credit by making a gift through the Illinois Invest in Kids scholarship program (please consult a tax advisor for your exact benefit).

For more information about this program, please contact

How do I donate through this program?

  1. Create a My Tax Illinois account and request approval to contribute.
    Before reserving your tax credit, you must first go to to create a MyTax Illinois account. Click on the “Individuals” menu bar to request a “Letter ID.” It will take up to 10 business days for this Letter ID to be mailed to you from the Illinois Department of Revenue.
  2. Apply for a “Contribution Authorization Certificate.”
    Log on and go to "View more account options." Apply for a “Contribution Authorization Certificate" by clicking "Contribute to Invest in Kids" under "Account options." This should reflect the amount you plan to donate. Designate the SGO as Bright Promise Fund and the region as Region 1.
  3. Send certificate and donation to Bright Promise Fund.
    In 3 business days, a “Contribution Authorization Certificate” will be available on your MyTax Illinois account. Send your contribution authorization certificate along with your donation to Bright Promise Fund, making sure to designate The Field School as the recipient. You may submit your donation online or through a check made payable to Bright Promise Fund:
    Bright Promise Fund
    1550 S. State Street, Suite 113
    Chicago, IL 60605
Step-by-Step Donation Guide